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    Swaging & Pressing  Make up a Cable

Swaging for cable from 4mm to 14mm is done on our hydraulic press only using brand named terminals.For hand rail wire the bottle screw is 2/3 undone to allow for tensioning.

Pressings with copper crimps for flexible cable from 4mm to 10mm

  Stainless Steel Wire

  We prepare complete shrouds and stays   to your measurements. Please measure   overall length were no eye or fork   terminal exists.

  Please measure pin centre to pin centre   were eye or fork terminals are used.

  Please choose the terminals you require Rigging wire type, wire sizes and shroud  length and fill in all the boxes below

5mm 1x19 Cable Stainless Steel

5mm 1x19 wire standing rigging is manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel.

Custom build your own rigging for instant quotes, simply pick the end fittings and overall shroud length.

Please check the technical info to make sure you are measuring from the correct points before ordering.

You may also use this as a useful quoting guide before sending the wire to us to make exact copies.

If you require a fitting that does not appear in the drop down box, please  fill in the contact form with your enquiry

Cable Stainless Steel 5mm 1x19

    Terminal 1                                             Cable                                          Terminal 2